Listing Vs. Selling Fast To ACF

Listing Vs. Selling Fast To ACF

Selling Your House for Cash With ACF Buys Homes  vs. Selling With A Local Agent

Texas is a seller’s market, which is great if you own a house or property you are looking to sell. The best way to take advantage of a favorable market is to explore all your options. For example, you could sell your house in the Central Texas or the Corpus Christi area for Cash with a fast and fair offer from a local, veteran owned business like ACF Buys Homes or you could hire a local agent and have them list it for you (we can also help with this if selling fast for cash isn’t the best option). There are advantages to both approaches, and you should consider them before assuming one way or the other is best for your situation.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll likely be able to secure a higher “top line” price by listing your property with a real estate agent. But that doesn’t actually mean you are actually going to pocket more money. What’s more, it may ultimately be more of a headache and take longer than it is worth. So you need to consider your property, situation, needs, and the advantages that both present:

Selling with an Agent

SOLD To ACF Buys Homes, LLC.

Commissions / Fees: 6% on average is paid by the seller (You) No Commissions or Fees
Who Pays Closing Costs?: 2% on average is paid by the seller (You) No Costs – We handle it all
Inspection & Financing Contingency*: Yes, up to 15% fall through No Inspections or Repairs Needed
Appraisal Needed: Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal NO APPRAISAL – We make cash offers
Average Days Until Sold: +/- 90 Days Close in As Little As 1 Week!
Number of Showings: Can Vary Significantly Only 1 – Just Us
Closing Date: 35-65 +/- days after an offer is accepted We Close On The Date of Your Choice
Who Pays For Repairs?: Determined During Inspection Period No Cost – We cover all repairs

Work The Numbers And See Which Way Helps You Get There…

When you have some time to crunch the numbers you will see the real benefits that each way of selling your TX house has to offer.

Yes, here at ACF Buys Homes, LLC. it is true that we cannot offer full retail value on your house in Central Texas or Corpus Christi, but we offer many other advantages that listing with an agent does not. Some of the biggest advantages we provide are:


If you’ve got property on your hands you don’t want, you can have cash for it in just 7 days. Not only that, but you’ll be free from having to make another insurancemortgage, or utility payment! Now compare that to the typical 90 day wait you go through with a traditional listing. The costs of all of the bills you pay on the property during the time you try to sell it have to be deducted from the final sale total. The longer it takes the sell, the less you stand to make.


Trust us when we say that there is no way your house is in worse condition than some of the places we’ve worked with. We’ve seen it all. What’s more, we are completely willing to take on a property that needs repairs. So you’ll save money and time from letting us make a fast and fair cash offer on your house in the Austin area.


ACF Buys Homes, LLC. is a full-service professional home buyer  that operates in Texas and specifically in the greater Central Texas area and Corpus Christi. This means we can make selling your home as easy for you as possible, including paying for all the closing costs! When we make you a cash offer, that’s exactly what you’ll get (this of course doesn’t include homes with mortgage payoffs or other encumbrances).

So add it up for a moment. With ACF Buys Homes, LLC. you get:

  • Immediate relief of bills and responsibilities attached to the property
  • A fair cash offer you can receive in 7 days
  • No closing costs to reduce what ends up in your pocket
  • No need to repair or fix any issue with the property or its current occupants
  • No inspection or financing contingencies. We have the cash in hand, so there is no way a bank can deny an offer.

No Lowball Offers

Sell Your House for Cash. No Fees. No Commissions. More Money In Your Pocket – Fast.

Same Day Cash Offer


I have worked with Antione on several projects. He is a genuinely nice guy, and more importantly he closes deals as promised (which somehow seems to be an issue nowadays?!). He is clear and honest with communication and closes deal SUPER quickly, making the complex process of selling property quite easy. Highly recommended!
– Nick Bowman

Antione and his team were great to work with. He made me a fair offer and did all the work to buy my property while I was half a country away. Thanks Antione!
– Chris Hinojosa

  • We Will Beat Any Written Cash Offer!*

  • Free Local Move!*

What If Selling Fast For Cash Isn’t The Best Option For You?

No Problem! We Can Help No Matter What Your Situation Is.

Simply put, Antione knows what he is doing! Professional and cutting-edge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Antione and his team to anyone!

Louis C

We Buys Houses Anywhere Throughout Central Texas and The Corpus Christi Area In Any Condition

We don’t mind if the house is vacant, you currently live in it, or even if it has tenants that you are renting to. We don’t even care if the house has major damage and can’t be lived in.

We help homeowners just like you that own a vacant house, have inherited a problematic property, facing financial issues, or just want to sell their home fast to cash home buyers to avoid the traditional headaches that come with a home sale. We can buy the home even if it needs majors repairs that you don’t want to pay for. We can buy just about any property in Central Texas or the Corpus Christi areas. We will buy the home even if it has problem tenants or fire/water damage

Our simple 4 step process is very straightforward and there are no obligations. If you own a home in Texas and want to sell it fast for cash, give us a call to find out how much it is worth today! We would love to make you a fair offer the same day in most cases. Get paid in as little as 7 days!

I have worked with Antione on several projects. He is a genuinely nice guy, and more importantly he closes deals as promised (which somehow seems to be an issue nowadays?!). He is clear and honest with communication and closes deal SUPER quickly, making the complex process of selling property quite easy. Highly recommended!

Nick Bowman

[Same Day Offer]

We buy houses throughout Central & South Texas Area fast for cash in any condition. The offer is free and there is no obligation to find out how much your property is worth. Start below by giving us a few details on about your property or call (512) 883-0767

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