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One of the hardest issues to overcome when trying to sell a house on the local market in Texas is having too many costly repairs.  Many times the damage is caused by either water or fire. In either case, the house is likely going to need a major renovation to be sold on the local market. For any number of reasons, homeowners in Texas who have had their property damaged or destroyed by fire, water, or other issues, don’t have the time or the resources to restore the house to the condition it was before the damage.

At the end of the day, your time and resources matter just as much as trying to get the maximum value out of a property. For many homeowners in Texas, an option where they can cut their losses and walk away from the property clean with a little cash in hand makes the most sense. ACF Buys Homes buys houses that have been damaged by fire, water or have other major problems. It usually takes us 12 hours or less to put together an offer and if you do decide to sell your fire or water-damaged house in Texas, we can get you cash in hand in as quickly as seven days.

ACF Buys Homes Specializes in Buying and Restoring Houses in Central Texas & Corpus Christi that Have Been Damaged by Fire and Water

When you own a home that is in major need or repairs or has been damaged by fire or water, it can be hard to find a traditional buyer even interested in the property. Most buyers find it too risky to invest in a structure that has endured that kind of damage. ACF Buys Homes is different, however. We are a professional team of homebuyers who finance our own deals which means we make our own decisions without having to convince a bank to make a risky investment.

Financing our deals also means we can close quickly so you can go from being at your wit’s end not knowing how to get rid of your fire or flood-damaged house in Texas to having cash in your pocket in as little as seven days. You read that right. If you like an offer we make and accept it, we can have your cash in hand for your unwanted house as quickly as seven days later. What’s more, it only takes us about 12 hours to decide how much we can offer, so it takes little more than a week from start to finish. The best part is there is never any cost or obligation. You are free to accept the offer or walk away, so finding out how much we pay makes a lot of sense even if you are just curious at this point.

When your house has experienced serious damage from a fire, a flood, or is in need of other major repairs, you’ll likely want to move forward with your life as quickly as possible and that means being free of the damaged property that will only cost you time and money to try to make livable again or even sell on the local market. ACF Buys Homes can help with a fast, fair, in-cash offer on your damaged property.

ACF Buys Homes Buys Houses Even if Damaged by Fire or Flood

No matter the circumstances, ACF Buys Homes can help offer a way out with a fair, cash offer. It usually takes us less than a day once we have your information to put together an offer and if you decide to accept, we can close as quickly as 7 days! All you need to do is fill out the form on this page to get started today!

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I have worked with Antione on several projects. He is a genuinely nice guy, and more importantly he closes deals as promised (which somehow seems to be an issue nowadays?!). He is clear and honest with communication and closes deal SUPER quickly, making the complex process of selling property quite easy. Highly recommended!
– Nick Bowman

Antione and his team were great to work with. He made me a fair offer and did all the work to buy my property while I was half a country away. Thanks Antione!
– Chris Hinojosa

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We buy houses throughout Central & South Texas Area fast for cash in any condition. The offer is free and there is no obligation to find out how much your property is worth. Start below by giving us a few details on about your property or call (512) 883-0767

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