Step 2 – We Just Need A Little More Information

Step 2 – We Just Need A Little More Information

Great! Now We Just Have a Few More Questions to Help Make The Best Offer On Your Property…

Get Your Same Day Offer – Find Out How Much Your House Is Worth in Less Than 12 Hours in Most Cases!

Step 2

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Listing Vs Selling to ACF

Selling Your House for Cash With ACF Buys Homes, LLC. vs. Selling With A Local TX Agent

  • We Will Beat Any Written Cash Offer!*

  • Free Local Move!*

Are You Looking To Sell Your Texas House, We Have A Simple Buying Process.

Have you had trouble selling with an agent or want to sell on a faster timeline? We can help. (The truth is that selling a property through a realtor is not for everyone.)

And, here are some perks:

  • No need to clean or repair the property because we’ll buy it as is!
  • There is no need to waste time trying to find an agent and hoping they are trustworthy. We’ll buy your house quickly and for cash.
  • You can avoid signing any contracts forcing you to work with a specific agent.
  • Avoid filling out and filing all the normal agent paperwork to get a fair offer quickly and easily.

It won’t take us long to review your property and determine an offer in cash for your house. The best part is, there are no agents and if we decide to move on your property, there is no delay or issue with financing because we’re prepared to pay cash for your house.

Why use an agent when you know that it may take months before they close the deal when there is no guarantee it will even pan out? What’s more, you run the risk of being out fees and your own time. Wouldn’t it be easier to be free of the hassle of an unwanted property in as little as 7 days?