Can I Sell My House If It Is In Foreclosure?

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If you own a house or property in Georgetown or anywhere else in Central Texas that is facing or may soon face foreclosure, you may have heard that selling your house for cash may be able to help. Foreclosure is about the worst-case scenario for owning a home, so selling quickly to avoid the worst consequences of foreclosure can indeed be a smart decision. Keep reading to learn more about how to sell your house in Georgetown for cash even if you are facing foreclosure.

How Selling a House in Foreclosure Works in Georgetown, TX

Due to the difficulties in the economy over the last few years, many homeowners in the central Texas area have had their mortgages foreclosed. This has even begun to shift the way that banks handle foreclosure in Texas. The bottom line is this: any bank carrying a mortgage on a home would prefer almost any alternative to having to auction it off or see it become abandoned. They stand to make the most if they help you sell the house and avoid the rest of the foreclosure process.

That being said, dealing with the bank itself during the process of foreclosure can be difficult if not impossible due to the strain on the relationship. That’s where we can help.

Our years of experience working with people in foreclosure to sell their homes has helped up come up with some good tips to keep in mind when dealing with the bank:

  1. Do your best to communicate as much as possible, even to the point of overcommunicating. Give them updates often, let them see the progress you are making to sell the property.
  2. Always call with advance notice if you are going to miss a deadline. It’s even better to not miss them, but if it’s going to happen – let them know beforehand.
  3. Try to treat the people from the bank you deal with the way you’d like to be treated. It might be hard to think of them as people as they take your home from you, but any willingness you demonstrate to repair broken trust or other issues can help in the end.
  4. Keep track of and even record every conversation you have with any representative of the bank. Always try to be clear about who you are speaking with and any promises you believe they are making to you.
  5. Look at every option you have to avoid foreclosure. These can include things you maybe haven’t thought of yet like modifying your loan, a short sale, or filing for bankruptcy. There may be things you can do to significantly slow down the foreclosure process. Often this will be dependent on your bank and mortgage agreement, so ask them what you can do.
  6. Act now. This isn’t a situation where time is on your side. The further behind you are, the worse things get as options grow fewer.

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Simply put, Antione knows what he is doing! Professional and cutting-edge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Antione and his team to anyone!
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I have worked with Antione on several projects. He is a genuinely nice guy, and more importantly he closes deals as promised (which somehow seems to be an issue nowadays?!). He is clear and honest with communication and closes deal SUPER quickly, making the complex process of selling property quite easy. Highly recommended!
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Simply put, Antione knows what he is doing! Professional and cutting-edge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Antione and his team to anyone!

Louis C

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We can help with any situation on the list and are just a click or call away. We specialize in helping homeowners in Georgetown and all over Texas when they need to quickly sell a home to get out from under a sudden or imminent financial burden. We’ve worked with homeowners in Georgetown for years and understand the local property market. We are proud of the trusted reputation we’ve earned in the area.

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