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If you own a house or property in Georgetown, Texas, or the surrounding area that you’ve been thinking about selling, you may have been wondering about a cash offer from an investment company like ACF Buys Homes. It’s a good question to ask if you should consider selling for cash. The short answer is that not every homeowner should, but for some, it may be the best option.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of selling your house for cash and we will discuss them here so you can make a more informed decision about if it’s the right direction to go when selling your house in Georgetown, Texas.

The Advantages of Selling Your Georgetown, TX Home for Cash

Most people buying homes in central Texas these days are those looking to purchase a home to live in. These kinds of buyers almost always need a third-party lender (usually a bank or other lending organization, but sometimes a private lender is involved). This means every potential sale is subject to change, delay, or even falling through depending on the lender.

When you sell for cash, you avoid all of this. Selling for cash means you are selling to a real estate investment firm that finances its own deals. This means there is no third party to go through, but it’s a direct transaction between you and the buyer without any brokers or realtors being owed any commission.

Yes, the primary benefit of selling for cash is the ability to close far more quickly and without the hassle of selling your house on the local Georgetown market. But that’s not all. You can also:

  • Avoid listing your house and having strangers come in and out, just checking out your house for fun.
  • Avoid making any repairs or cleanup. Just sell the house as-is and walk away with cash.
  • Avoid any uncertainty or long months of waiting where you keep having to pay fees and taxes associated with the property.
  • Avoid doing all kinds of long and complicated paperwork. ACF Buys Homes will take care of it for you.

The Disadvantages of Selling for Cash

There are two primary disadvantages of selling for cash versus selling on the traditional market. The first, and primary one, is that you’ll not be able to command as high of a price. The second is that not all investment firms are reputable. You’ll need to do a little research to know you are working with a company that makes fair offers and won’t try to take advantage of you.

ACF Buys Homes is proud of the reputation we’ve built in Georgetown and central Texas for our transparent and fair process. We are happy to make an offer on any property in the area, regardless of the condition. We can usually let you know what we’d pay within 24 hours, and we’ll be ready to close on any offer we make in about 7 days after you accept it. What’s more, there is never any obligation or fees associated with receiving an offer from ACF Buys Homes. If you want to know what we’d be able to pay for your home in Georgetown, TX, just fill out the form on this page or call our office today

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Simply put, Antione knows what he is doing! Professional and cutting-edge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Antione and his team to anyone!
– Louis C

I have worked with Antione on several projects. He is a genuinely nice guy, and more importantly he closes deals as promised (which somehow seems to be an issue nowadays?!). He is clear and honest with communication and closes deal SUPER quickly, making the complex process of selling property quite easy. Highly recommended!
– Nick Bowman

Antione and his team were great to work with. He made me a fair offer and did all the work to buy my property while I was half a country away. Thanks Antione!
– Chris Hinojosa

Simply put, Antione knows what he is doing! Professional and cutting-edge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Antione and his team to anyone!

Louis C

We Buys Houses Anywhere Throughout The Georgetown, Waco, Killeen, Round Rock Area In Any Condition

  • Are You Trying To Avoid Foreclosure?

  • Relocating For Work Or Just Want To Move?

  • Going Through A Divorce?

  • Issues With Your Mortgage? Liens?

Are You Looking To Sell Your Central Texas House, We Have A Simple Buying Process.

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Do any of the following apply to your situation:

  • Own a property facing foreclosure
  • Own a rental property you don’t really want
  • Own a property with tenants or family members you cannot evict
  • Own a property that needs repairs you do not have the time or money to make
  • Own a vacant property
  • Own an unwanted property through inheritance
  • Own a property you need to sell immediately because of an unexpected move
  • Own a property you have no equity in and simply want to be rid of it as soon as possible
  • Don’t want to pay a realtor an expensive commission
  • Going through a divorce

If any of these apply to you and you’ve been thinking to yourself “I need to sell my house in Georgetown for cash,” contact ACF Buys Homes today.

We can help with any situation on the list and are just a click or call away. We specialize in helping homeowners in Georgetown and all over Texas when they need to quickly sell a home to get out from under a sudden or imminent financial burden. We’ve worked with homeowners in Georgetown for years and understand the local property market. We are proud of the trusted reputation we’ve earned in the area.

If you want freedom from the hassle and burden of an unwanted property or situation in Georgetown, you owe it yourself to contact us today. There is no cost or obligation to receive an offer, so you have nothing to lose.

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